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Ceramics Created From 100% Waste


Ceramext, LLC has developed patented hot-forging processes that can transform waste materials into advanced impermeable high strength patented ceramic compositions. Until recently mining companies had only been interested in mining and not in producing ceramics from mine tailings. This is now changing due in part to recent mine tailings facility failures, areas without suitable topography, and areas of high land costs.

Many new Ceramext™ compositions are derived from waste materials including mine tailings, quarry fines, reservoir sediments, biomass ash, and coal fly ash. These waste materials, without using binders, can produce high quality floor, wall and roof tiles, building cladding, bricks, pavers, countertops and other ceramic products suitable for marketing at competitive prices. With Ceramext technology, porcelain quality tiles can be efficiently produced by only screening raw waste materials, eliminating expensive grinding and spray drying steps.

Ceramext has developed patented processes and compositions to form mine wastes into large rectangular and cylindrical shapes that are particularly suitable for economical storage of radioactive waste. These methods are also suitable in creating building materials from regolith on the moon and Mars. A Ceramext composition patent to contain anhydrite is similar, if not the same as the composition now used to detect sulfur on the NASA Mars rovers.

hot forging methods with conventional equipment

Ceramext Hot Forging Methods with conventional equipment – gas, electric, and other kilns – cold presses with minor modifications